About us

Waldhaus Design has been founded by allrounder Rene Scherner. It startet in 2014 in a national reserve area 70 kilometres away from Berlin.


After various life stations in Dessau, Aschersleben and Berlin working in restaurants and 3-D Design his path led Rene to Bad Belzig. Here he is living with his girlfriend and his eight months old son in a beautiful house in the woods, called the woodhouse – Waldhaus. His vision of creating Waldhaus Design was born here: A brand which stands for ecological, sustainable woodproducts made with a lot of passion and love.

Waldhaus Design aims to support you in living a spiritual, positive lifestyle in order to live your full potential. Because we believe that everyone hast he power to heal, no matter which challenges you might have faced in life. When you take a break to become still and look inside you will eventually realize how beautiful you are and that you have all the abilities to realize your dreams.